There are four aspects of making adjustments and repairs to a piano :

  • Repairing
  • Regulating
  • Reconditioning and Rebuilding.


Repairing is taking care of whatever is broken, whether it’s gluing parts back together or replacing the broken part with a new one.


Regulating is the process of adjusting the mechanical components of the piano to make them work correctly. Over time the parts in the piano begin to wear which causes an uneven feel as you play your piano. Regulation is adjusting all of the parts on each key to be in the exact position to create an even feel and sound throughout the entire piano. Prices can range from about $50 to $150 depending on how far out of adjustment the parts are and the condition of the piano.


Rebuilding is the process of disassembling a used piano, and replacing all worn or deteriorated parts with new ones, and then reassembling and testing the instrument to the same tolerances as a new piano of like manufacture.


Reconditioning is the process of cleaning, repairing and adjusting a piano to maximum performance, using the original parts, replacing only those parts where specifically indicated.

Hammer Shaping

Hammer Shaping is sometimes necessary because as you play your piano and the hammers wear, the striking point will become flat and produce a poor sound. It will also form grooves in the front of the hammer that over time can start causing damage to other parts of your action. Reshaping the hammers will return each hammer to its original shape creating a more point like striking surface creating a much more pleasant sound while you play. The price of reshaping is


Replace Key Tops

Replace Key Tops If your old key tops have been chipped, are falling off of the keys, or your just tired of the ugly yellow from the old ivory then just replace the key tops. I can put on new key tops that will help improve the appearance of your piano and also make it easier and less painful to play (than if they are chipped or missing). To replace just white key tops is $200 and just black key tops is $150. To replace both is



Voicing The more you play your piano the harder the hammers that hit the string will become. As they become harder it will create a more brilliant or "tinny" sound from the piano. Voicing will help make them more mellow and a more even sound as you play. Some voicing is included with a tuning. For a more thorough service we can voice the hammers, which includes some hammer shaping and regulation of the action, for


Damper Replacement

Damper Replacement Usually if your piano is 30 or 40+ years old and you hear soame ringing from your piano after you are done playing then your dampers are probably worn out. I can replace them and get rid of the annoying ringing so you can enjoy playing your piano more for just